Mathematical Landscapes

by Zarko D.

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The enclosed pictures are made by use of the graphic program Bryce 3D, that offers a very good way to design, render and animate beautyful natural 3D worlds, abstract and surrealistic 3D sculptures with great power and ease. It has an intuitive interface that simplifies learning and makes exploring creative options as fun as viewing the final masterpiece.

Besides the standard tools (rendering, predisigned simple geometric bodies, movement of components over the scene, fractal design, etc), Bryce 3D offers the folowing additions:
      - Animation
      - Volume Textures
      - Texture Editing
      - Enhanced Environmental Controls
      - Visible Light Effects
      - Infinite Slabs

More deatails about the recent program Bryce 4 you may find at the address

The author Zarko D. Mijajlovich is the full professor of logic and algebra at the Faculty of Science in Belgrade. The main field of his interest is mathematical logic with specialization in model theory and applications in computer science (e.g. Boolean algebras, models of arithmetics, model-theoretic algebra, computer science: artificial intelligence, semantics of programming languages, parallel computing etc.). He is the author or coauthor of four books in logic and algebra, including the monograph "Model theory and applications" (in English, 1988), the editor of three compact disks in the area of art and history of mathematics, and a recipient of the 1st prize for papers awarded by Balkan's Union of Math (1974). Avocation : astronomy and history of mathematics.

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